Welcome to the updated Magpaxxx.com!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the newly updated Magpaxxx.com!

We remain committed to the thousands of retailers and distributors that we service every day! The updated www.magpaxxx.com give us the opportunity to provide more features to our loyal customers who choose to shop online. We offer the finest adult magazine packs in U.S and provide the largest selection of adult magazines, digests, DVDs and more. 

Retailers such as adult book shops, convenience stores, gas stations, smoke shops and more now have even more options as they purchase our high-margin products. All orders are now trackable and DVDs can be added to all packs as you shop! More changes are still yet to come as we continue to update and upgrade our site. 

We look forward to servicing you and your account and growing with you in the future!


Universal Magazine Distributors



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