Covid-19 Update

During these difficult times, we want to express our gratitude for your business, patience and loyalty. We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy! 
The health of our employees is primary to all that we do and is a factor on which we base many of our decisions and goals. Covid has presented challenges and changes that we never anticipated. 
We are located in New York, just outside of New York City and close to the outbreak of the pandemic on the East Coast. We are in an area that faced some of the first closures and most extensive restrictions. These restrictions continue and have caused a slowing in our production of the made-to-order packs that go into your orders. However, our fulfilment time is getting better as we adjust to the new norms.
We wanted to thank you for your patience during this time of optimistic caution. All orders will ship out as soon as possible but we do ask that you allow as much time as possible for the production of your orders. As per NYS mandate, non-essential businesses are to remain closed or significantly downsized until May 15 (for now). 
This means that that each department of our staff can only have one person working at a time to ensure that we do our part to stop the spread of this terrible virus. We have taken unique and effective precautions to make sure our warehouses are fully sterilized and our workstations are safe. Additionally, all tangible items that ship-out are perfectly safe for handling and purchase. 
Our typical 24-36 hour turnaround time for orders is delayed, however all orders received will be fulfilled as quickly as possible. Orders with fewer different types of packs take less time to produce and we encourage our customer to take this opportunity to try tame consolidate their product selections. We will be introducing read ship boxes with pre selected packs as a quick ship option in the coming days. 
We thank  you for your patience and please stay strong and healthy!
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