Current Orders and New Production Times

We are currently experiencing some back-ups in production with some previous orders. If a refund is needed, please be in touch with your order number and we will process it without delay. You may respond to the email that confirmed your order if a request for cancelation is required. 
We hope to have all orders that have been submitted shipped by the first week of June.

All orders received after 5/28/2021 will ship within 2-8 business days depending on the size of the order. 


We thank you for your patience during this transition and assure you that we will return to the service and production times you have been accustomed to for the last 20+ years. 

Going forward, we will do our best to have pre-made stock with great variety of our most popular items, including:

All American Paks

Recent Issue Paks

Super Value Paks

Digest Paks

Rears Paks

Older Women Paks

Younger Women Paks

Club Pak Paks

Hustler Paks

Single Issues





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