Wholesale Distributors

     The reselling of magazine packs has proven to be incredibly profitable for our wholesale distributors. Our price points for wholesalers distributors are such that there is plenty of room for significant profit on each and every pack we offer. Our attention to detail, timely shipping, variety and superior quality make us your best choice for bulk orders.
     For large pack orders or for bulk magazine orders please reach out to one of our customer representatives for assistance by email or phone.
If you need a special sticker, price point or bar-code, just let us know! We will incorporate your needs and the needs of your customers into the products you order. We work closely with our distributors to make sure their needs are met and this is why so many route drivers, magazine distributors and general merchandise wholesalers have come to rely on our excellent service, superior quality, and product consistency.
Custom Options For Wholesale Distributors
We will also package our products in a way that respects the standards of your distribution. If you need bands (covers) to conceal nudity on the fronts and backs of our packs simply select this option when making your purchase. Nearly all items are offered with bands at no additional charge.
Here is what packs look like with bands and without bands.
                            Regular Pack (No Bands)                   Pack With Large Bands
Our packs are custom made to order. By making each order as it comes in we can include recent issues for even greater variety.
Additional features for wholesale distributors include:
Custom Stickers: We can include barcodes, store/company names, store/company logos and any price point you would like. Your costs don't go up based on the sticker price you choose. This way, you are in total control of your margins!  
Custom Packaging: We use the highest quality shrink-wrap in our packs that have the highest gloss finish available, making your packs standout on your shelves. Our shrink-wrap is 75 gauge...thicker than any other wholesaler so that our packs don't break, fall apart or rip.
     We also use cardboard stiffeners in all of our packs. This adds durability to our packs and prevents theft from your shelves. With our cardboard stiffeners, a pack can't be rolled up and put into someones pocket. As always, this option is free of charge!
Whether you are purchasing for a small store, a chain of stores or wide spread distribution, we will make sure your experience with us is exceptional and profitable. 

Retailers, wholesalers and distributors may reach us at 1-800-365-PAKS (7257). You may also complete the contact form below and a representative will get back to you within one business day.